What and why...

WPS-Skate 1,2 & 3 are compilations of skate videos documenting the MOSS (Melbourne Old School Skate Sessions) Story over the last ten years or so. They're pretty much in the order I filmed them. Most pre date affordable HD and the quality is not great on the big screen. From a historical standpoint it's still a rad journey to watch.

I had put a lot to music but of course with today’s technology and respect for the artist’s rights much of the footage is silent as it youtube has blocked the audio in most countries.

One day I might have time go back and re work them - but probably not.



WPS-Skate 2

The Pothole 1

King of Crete 1

King of Crete 2

Victorian Grand Prix

All these guys and girls were happy to support MOSS Foundation in one way or another but what an incredible day of skateboarding. This is what its all about - having fun, pushing yourself to your limit and inspiring others. 

Duane Peters and Pocket Pistols

Duane Peters and Pocket Pistols supporting MOSS Water Projects



WPS-Skate 1

WPS-Skate 3

The Pothole 2

Yew TV

Prahran Ramp Vert

Knox Cradle

MOSSJAM 2017  

What an awesome day - skating and raising money and awareness to put clean water in reach of some of the poorest people in the driest regions on the planet. Well done Wedge and the crew. Here's the first video. The Fly By.

One-T Anniversary Skate

When old mates and family catch up to talk about old times and remember the fallen over skateboards, pizza and beer. - good times!

MOSS Jurassic Skate - 2019