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Mark Kent is a skateboarder (once a skater always a skater) and a keen snowboarder. An unlucky bail at Elwood Bowl in Victoria in 2004 resulted in a half knee replacement, the end of a promising return to a much loved sport and way of life but the beginning of a passionate romance with documenting old school talents using video. As a videographer for MOSS (Melbourne Old School Skate Sessions) he shows up here and there with a variety of cameras to capture the lifestyle, tricks and culture that is skateboarding.

Mark is a keen motorcyclist who has ridden off-road in Vietnam and Cambodia contributing to the development of a global housing project with Cambodian Motorcycle Tours as well as delivering school supplies by trail bike with mates to remote schools in Far North Vietnam.

Back in the first world Mark is a Principal at a Melbourne Primary School. 

Remote village with no name high in the mountains of northern Vietnam near the Chinese border.